Workshop Schedule

Here you will find up to date details of the workshops (free to attend!) that will be taking place. No need to book. Just walk in on the day!

All workshops will take place on the lower ground floor either in the Denny Room or the Thoresby Room.

Denny Room Schedule (scroll down for Thoresby schedule)

11.30am – 12.05pm Mental Fitness session on behalf of State of Mind Sport delivered by former professional rugby league player Jimmy Gittins and award-winning mental health nurse Dr Phil Cooper MBE. Jimmy broke his neck in two places during a match and after 9 months, defied all odds by walking out of hospital. He has since undertaken many activities for charity including sky diving with the Red Devils. Dr Cooper is widely published and has piloted numerous clinical and service innovations. He has devised and implemented successful training programmes in the area of substance misuse, mental wellbeing and resilience for Rugby League players, students and communities.

12.10pm – 12.30pm – Self Care Isn’t Selfish. Liz Dawson, Wellbeing Coach, looks at work/life balance.

12.35pm – 12.55pm Russell Lloyd, writer and recovering alcoholic, talks about his own mental ill health and how writing has helped him. Russell said “I am 61, I retired in 2003 and am alive! I was seriously abused as a child and, in a protective fugue of amnesia about that abuse, for most of my life struggled emotionally. Eventually I began to get drunk etc. I have had counselling, hypnotherapy, pills etc. I have been writing short stories, planning the odd book or two, and attending writing courses on and off over the last 12 years…I find writing an emotional and cathartic process that has helped me recover and sustain myself”

1pm – 1.20pm James Oddy, published author of True Professional and In This Together, discusses how writing helps his mental wellbeing.

1.25pm – 2.15pm –  Mindfulness For Men. Steve Hart, organiser of Leeds Mindfulness & Positive Emotion Enhancement Centre leads his session on Mindfulness

2.20pm – 2.40pm Darren Sanderson Photography speaks about his experiences of mental ill health and how photography helps him. Darren is also holding a stall with us all day.

2.45pm -3.30pm Lee Johnson, owner of Devoted Dads, shares with you his Devoted Dad Project; 5 Minute Daily Disciplines To Increase Energy, Confidence and Motivation. Lee is also holding a stall with us all day

3.35pm – 4pm approx – Our Stories – Ian McNichol will talk about his experience and what he finds works for him.


Thoresby Room schedule TBC

11.45pm – 1pm West Yorkshire Playhouse – members from the Youth Theatre Group perform extracts from their play ‘Zoetrope’ that will be on tour later this year. ‘Zoetrope’ follows 7 young people at a counselling session.

1.05pm – 1.35pm – Full Force Martial Arts – Ryan Kennedy leads a self defence class

1.40pm – 2.10pm – Tom Wavre founder and owner of I Am 1 in 4 talks about the stigma surrounding mental health and mental ill health

2.15pm – 2.45pm Leeds Survivor Support Group talk about male survivors of sexual abuse. Leeds Survivors Support Group is for cis and trans men and non-binary and intersex people of all sexualities (gay, straight, queer etc). The support group is a comfortable and confidential space to meet other survivors of sexual violence and share stories and strategies.

2.50pm – 3.20pm – Leeds West Indian Centre Charitable Trust – talking about the Boyz2Men Health Project

3.30pm – 4pm Our Stories – Meet Eyad Babikir, a transman sharing his experience of severe depression and other mental health problems as well as his recent inpatient stay and Jack Winstanley, a 21 year old living with a brain injury after a recent suicide attempt